2017 Goals


....But on a serious note....

- Ride 3-4 times a week.
- Show First Level
- Lose 10 lbs.
- Buy a house (more likely to happen early 2018, but we'll see).

Have a great New Years everyone. See you in 2017!




Sorry for the lack of updates. I actually have quite a few posts started but left unfinished. Blogging just hasn't been a priority.

Quick update on Fiction: No lessons for the past month and none in the foreseeable future until potentially April, as Trainer is heading down south and I was unable to free up time for lesson slots in her remaining month here. She did, however, ride Fiction last Friday, and was able to fix a lot of the corner issues he had been giving me. He apparently gave her a hard time (which she loved), so he was exceptionally tired when I rode him on Saturday. We're trying a new approach to certain things based on her feedback, but I'll get into that later. He's been a very good boy post-training ride - hopefully we can keep it that way.

It was a very merry Noble Outfitters Christmas. I'm addicted to their apparel. Not pictured are the additional grey cowl neck (third in my collection) and another 3/4 zip hoodie in black that I received as early presents. The jacket pictured is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Non-horse gifts included Steam giftcards and a mechanical gaming keyboard.
Additional updates: Saddle fitter scheduled to come out and adjust flocking in the saddle on Monday. Chiro scheduled for January 4th. I've been working on pulling together a list of potential recognized shows next year, provided we're up to the First Level challenge. We won't be showing until June, since Fiction will be in full training at Trainer's facility for April/May. She may or may not take him to a show during that time.

The holidays have been brutal on me, so I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. That, hopefully, will include a more regular posting schedule.