T-10 Days


Fiction leaves on April 1st.

I, admittedly, haven't been riding much lately. The past few weeks just haven't been too great for me. Fiction doesn't mind, I'm sure.

I went to a PBR tour and the pickup guy was riding literally the most beautiful mare I have ever seen in my life. I would have killed to own this horse. My potato picture just doesn't do her justice.
Our ride on Monday was pretty good. We had some fantastic walk work - lots of nice halt transitions, shoulder-ins, and leg yields. We went straight from walk to canter work since he was acting all upset at the trot. He was a bit nasty - probably from being off for an entire week at that point - but he responded well. We did a lot of trot-canter transitions.

Finished the ride off with some nice trot + leg yields down the long side. Some birds were fighting outside of the arena and thoroughly spooked him, so we had to work on circling in that one area until he calmed down. Didn't take long.

I spoke with our Trainer on what she has planned for him and clarified his diet, etc. I think she's honestly going to be surprised, as it seems she's still under the impression he has his rushing problems from before winter. We solved those so hopefully she won't need to work on that during her time with him.

The guy's gelding was nice too, but I was more interested in the accessories haha.
I'll still be taking lessons on him during his training, so I can keep up with his progress. Technically I'm more advanced than he is, but I can't seem to solve his mental barriers, so that is why he's going into training. Once we're over that hump hopefully we can just gradually progress upwards.


  1. Excited to see how training goes!!

    1. Me too haha. I've seen the wonders she can do with him with just one ride, so hopefully 52 days of training will do much more.

  2. Good luck and hopefully everything goes well!

  3. You have done so well by Fiction and it's paying off.

  4. Can't wait to hear how it goes! That bit on the other hand...

  5. Looking forward to following his progress!


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