Difficult Decisions


After asking a week or so ago, I finally got confirmation last night. When Fiction returns from training, he will be moved to 24/7 field board.

This has been a decision I've been mulling over for months. As it stands now, more than 1/4th of my salary every month goes to my horse. The rest goes to bills (student loans, car stuff, you name it). I don't pay rent and I've cut back on everything else that I possibly can (only $100/month for food if that, no eating out, no new personal items, dealing with severely scratched glasses bc I can't afford new ones, running tires down to dangerous thread levels as I push it as long as possible, etc). Scheduling a trip to Japan/Korea on a complete whim was, to be honest, me lashing out at not having an actual life outside of my horse. (A huge part of me regrets this decision, but another part recognizes it as partially necessary for my sanity - judge me as you wish).

In essence, it feels like I'm struggling to stay above the water with no long term plan in sight. Something needed to change. And if I've made sacrifices everywhere else that I possibly could, the only thing left was Fiction.

A part of me knows he'll be fine. He was 24/7 field boarded in Maryland before I bought him. The fields are OK at my barn (when it's not dumping rain), they supplement with hay in the winter, he has shelter, and I splurged this past year and bought him really nice clothes. Plus he runs hot and never seems to get too cold when he's outside. The other part of me feels horrible - like I'm taking his home away from him.

But if I want to continue showing, taking lessons, and providing my animals optimum veterinary care, while also moving ahead in my personal life, this is a necessary change. So, if anyone has experience field boarding and wants to share any helpful advice (like managing flies/feet/winter, etc), please let me know :)


2 Weeks Down


Fiction has been in training for two weeks now. Reports say he's doing well but I have yet to see anything in person and I have not been on him yet. Finances are prohibiting me from lessons at this time until I can figure out a way to both support my animals and eat. You know - horse people problems. (And the fact that the dogs both got intense ear infections at the same time and the cat desperately needed a teeth cleaning).

I visited him this past weekend on both Saturday and Sunday to clean up some bumps and bruises he got from playing out in the field. In two weeks he has put on a bunch of weight, which is wonderful. Trainer has found a diet that works well for him, so we can hopefully replicate it when he moves back.


First Day of Boot Camp


On April 1st I packed up the trailer and took Fiction to his new home for the next two months.

He settled right in and began to dig into the enormous amount of hay they had piled in his stall.

Trainer sent me a report that night stating he enjoyed his nightly alfalfa and was doing well. Then, yesterday, she took him out under saddle for the first time on a hack around the property. She sent me another update of him enjoying his sloppy dinner afterwards and let me know he did really well. He was then turned out with the mild geldings and there wasn't a peep from anyone.

I'll be going out on Wednesday to love on him and replenish his supplements, and then hopefully I'll be out on Friday to watch her ride him.