2 Weeks Down


Fiction has been in training for two weeks now. Reports say he's doing well but I have yet to see anything in person and I have not been on him yet. Finances are prohibiting me from lessons at this time until I can figure out a way to both support my animals and eat. You know - horse people problems. (And the fact that the dogs both got intense ear infections at the same time and the cat desperately needed a teeth cleaning).

I visited him this past weekend on both Saturday and Sunday to clean up some bumps and bruises he got from playing out in the field. In two weeks he has put on a bunch of weight, which is wonderful. Trainer has found a diet that works well for him, so we can hopefully replicate it when he moves back.


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    1. Trainer doesn't give out treats, so he was just super happy I was there to stuff peppermints in his face lol

  2. His face is adorable! I totally get the finance piece of it. Can you ride him outside of a lesson?

    1. Most likely - I just haven't discussed it with the trainer yet and I don't want to screw anything up. I've been battling some pretty nasty health issues though, so riding hasn't been the biggest priority anyways.

  3. When my horse was in training, the trainer let me swap the occasional training ride for a lesson. Maybe that would be an option?

  4. Horse people problems are so real


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