Coming Together


Tonight was our third lesson during Fiction's training.

We had a great 10 minute trail ride followed by a very nice walk/trot/canter warm-up before we got right into it.

The points of the lesson were really simple, as all I am trying to do at this point is emulate what Trainer does when she rides him.

We worked a lot on shoulder-fore down the long side at the trot and canter just so we could get off the circle. He did very well. Much better to the left than to the right.

Then we returned to the circle to do some spiral in/spiral outs at the canter. He was absolutely fantastic to the right but we didn't manage to get video of it. We did get video of his left side which is a bit more difficult. Still - it's a great enough video to really show me how he reacts to every little thing that I do.

In the video you will see:
    • Canter to the left - spiral in and spiral out.
    • Spiral in, haunches first - spiral out.
    • Expansion and collection of the canter.
We have some bobbles and some moments of tension, but for those of you who have simply observed from my blog, let me assure you that this is miles ahead of where we used to be.

It used to be an absolute nightmare fight every time I asked him to do something simple like this. He would brace and bolt and throw himself to the inside and no amount of leg could get him back over. He would pin his ears and throw a hissy fit, get super heavy in the bridle, and buck.

Now he maintains a gentle rhythm and while he loses his balance from time to time or reacts/tenses up at random things (including things totally caused by me), he is calm, adjustable, and workable.

I have gaits I can work with instead of worrying about not blasting out of the arena. I'm not dying of exhaustion halfway through the ride. He connects through the bridle with little to no contact (mostly at the trot now - he still needs a lot of help at the canter). He moves off of the leg with very little pressure. He is no longer combative.

Sometimes it saddens me to have a 9 year old green bean (Trainer said she would still consider him green until his bobbles and periods of tension smooth out), but we're making progress. Two months of professional training was enough to get us over that speed bump we kept encountering. It won't be smooth sailing, but at least I don't feel like I'm smashing my face into a brick wall over and over again now.


  1. So glad to hear he's made so much progress!

  2. He looks very comfortable and attentive - great job Fiction!


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