I need to have more faith in my own capabilities


On Saturday I rode Fiction and tried my best to emulate what we had accomplished in our lesson. There was no jigging and no craziness, but Fiction felt locked and unresponsive.

Lesson #2 came on Monday. Fiction warmed up calmly and remained calm for the most part throughout the lesson. No chewing or chomping, flailing, or bolting. It took about 20 minutes to get him to fully soften and relax, especially since there were various puddles in the arena that he was particularly adverse to.

This lesson built upon the foundations of the last lesson. Now that I know how to place myself, the next step was to get Fiction's body to move in individual pieces. We focused on keeping him bent in one direction but pushing his rib cage from side to side.

I had to remind myself to really let go of the outside rein when he bulged to the inside and to apply apply the outside leg, as his bulging throws his shoulder inside but his rib cage outside. It seems completely counter-intuitive and almost like I'm thinking backwards, but it works to bring him back into proper alignment.

We did canter this time. To the left his canter departures were instantaneous and amazing. The canter itself felt correct, collected, and powerful. We had some issues with straightness due to the puddles, and I had to remain vigilant to ride him properly with every step.

To the right the canter was a bit of a crapshoot. Fiction decided he wanted to leave and kept trying to shift his way towards the exit. It took way more leg than I had to keep him straight and I overcompensated with my hands. We worked on dropping pressure from the reins to check how well connected he is - one rein at a time - and then fixed what we felt when he offered a response.

It was a good lesson. I have video that I'm going to try and upload sometime this weekend.

We discussed putting him into training for an additional month but Trainer said she thinks I'm more than capable of continuing his education as long as we boost lessons to once a week rather than once every two weeks. That would require trailering to her place either every week or every other week, depending on her schedule with my current barn. Then, further down the road, if we decide he needs another crash course, I can send him back to her for a little while.

In other news - his Shoofly Leggins do not stay on, which is a real bummer. We're not sure how they keep coming off, but I'm starting to think he's just too rambunctious out in the field for them. I may be offering them up for sale here shortly.


  1. Confidence is definitely the key. it's much easier in a lesson when you have someone on the ground helping but you have come so far you can totally do it.

    1. Yeah. I think it's just a mix of not being sure what to do and not wanting to fuck up the work she has put into him. But that is where the lessons help. It was nice of her to say she has confidence I wont screw him up lol.

  2. that's exciting news! i bet you're excited to get back to having the full time ride on your boy!!

    1. I am haha. Though I'll have to rework my schedule around again. I got so used to not riding!

  3. Sounds like you guys are getting to be in a good place! ☺ (Also might be interested in the shoofly leggings, I've been debating some for one of my girls who gets really aggressively stompy during fly season).

  4. Blergh, sorry to hear those leggins didn't work. Ours wore those fly boots for about a week and now they go unused :/


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