Nothing New


Nothing new to report, really. Fiction is doing very well. He's putting on a lot of weight and muscle.

I went out to see him and gave him a part-spa day complete with a good curry, liniment rub down, mane and tail conditioning, etc. He also got to try on his new Shoofly Leggins. I nabbed them as alternatives to the flyboots I was using before, as these are not tight around the legs and since he'll be out 24/7 I wanted something loose and airy.

I'm still working on getting him a new flysheet. The cat had to have his teeth cleaned, so all my pennies went to that. Needless to say, Cooper wasn't exactly happy with me when I picked him up yesterday evening.

We should be having a lesson this weekend (fingers-crossed). Then Fiction gets his feet done on the 8th by a temp farrier.


  1. Let me know how those leggins work. The horses hate the fly boots and they rub :(


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