General Updates


It simultaneously feels like there has been nothing going on in my riding life and yet so many things have happened.

Fiction got a bunch of new clothes - new fly sheet, new fly boots (the Shoofly leggins work for his front feet only when combined with bell boots, otherwise they fly off of his feet no matter how tight), new Tekna halter & lead rope, new Majyk Equipe Dressage boots, etc.

He's also experiencing some nasty respiratory allergies, so he's on horse cough syrup before every ride and I fell back into the rabbit hole that is Smartpaks and put him on SmartBreathe and Smarthoof.

Finally, he now gets pour pads on his front feet because of his delicate soles. I had to pull his back shoes again (had in him all fours for training) because I simply can't afford $180 every 4 weeks right now. Luckily, he's always been sound with unshod backs.

Picking and choosing where money goes for this horse is astoundingly difficult. No matter what I do, whenever I cut back on something I feel like such a horrible horse owner for doing so. Still, I try to stick to my 'how would I address this problem if I was the one experiencing it?' motto when combating all animal issues. Hence the reason why I dole out tons of money for cat/dog teeth cleaning, a special low sodium raw food diet for the 13 year old dog with a heart condition, joint supplements for all animals except the cat, and now allergy meds for Fiction.

They can't treat themselves so it is up to me to provide optimum care within reason (the money in my account is pretty finite after all).

We had a lesson last Thursday. I have video and a recap already written up, so that will be around sometime soon.

I brought him back to my current facility on Saturday. It was a 5 hour adventure that involved two flat tires and a truck running out of brake fluid. Fun stuff.

Bane of my existence.
He seems to be doing OK on pasture board. He promptly lost two shoes his second night, but that was 100% expected and he was reshod on Tuesday. They fly spray him every day (sheet is on back-order, sigh), and check him over when they feed him, so I don't worry too much but I'm finding that I have a stronger urge to go out and check on him now.

Perhaps the biggest update that I have that will get its own post in the upcoming weeks is my decision to move Fiction in August. We will be returning to Trainer's barn as boarders this time around. A lot of thought went into this decision that I will detail later, but I've already given my two months notice to my current BO.


  1. Gah! The 5 hours to go what, 20 miles round trip? Glad that all worked out ok for you. I've had the brakes go while driving (at least I didn't have the trailer!), it's not fun.

    1. Yup. It was so frustrating and exhausting >< and i still may need to buy another new tire.

  2. Good luck with the shoe situation and turnout and flies and all that. I'm always super curious about how Fiction does in all his care since he and Charlie are so closely related and have so many similarities.

    1. Thanks :) He's a pretty hardy horse for the most part but spring and summer definitely dont agree with him.

  3. Have you tried Farrier's Formula? We found that's worked really well on Mae and her hoof growth is amazing since she's been on it

    1. I've tried pretty much every single hoof supplement under the sun. I haven't tried FF exclusively, but i've tried similar formulas. I almost feel like they are a waste of money at this point, but I'm going to try again and see. Smartpak's is a little bit easier on the wallet so I'm going to try that first.


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